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    Guild Affairs

    Uriel M. Raven
    Uriel M. Raven

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    Guild Affairs Empty Guild Affairs

    Post by Uriel M. Raven on Wed Jan 13, 2016 10:44 am

    Uriel had only been in the guild for a couple of days and was curious as to where her guild leader was. She had never met her but had been told that she was glad that Uriel had joined the ranks of Rusty Hearts. With her magic and personality Uriel was a very unique and odd mage compared to most, which she didn't mind since she herself considered herself better and far different than most mages around.

    It was around noon and Uriel had just finished up with her daily lunch that consisted of a veggie sandwich made of lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, onions, and spicy ranch. It was something that had grown on her while she was younger since it was her mom's favorite sandwich to eat. Uriel looked about the guild hall wondering if her guild leader had already made her rounds.

    Uriel shrugged to herself as she wiped the spicy ranch sauce off from around her mouth after finishing the last bite. This would normally be the time she would take up a mission, but today was different for her. Today was a day she wanted to have a girl day, which was very awkward for her being she was normally seen to be by herself.


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    Post by Victoria on Wed Feb 03, 2016 7:57 pm

    Victoria had been away from the Rusty Hearts tavern for some time. To say the least, she was worried - not really for the guild, but the building. She had been away before, and knew it was common for some overly drunk customers to rough up the building. Flipping tables, brawling with others and spilling blood on the usually clean floor, she was very much aware on how things could look after spending a while away. It was for this reason that as she approached the stone building in Clover Town, she began to brace herself for that which could've been.

    And yet, the building sounded oddly quiet from the outside.

    Being near noon, it was certainly strange that there wasn't at least one wasted civilian wasn't sitting outside. She raised a brow, pushing the door open. Was everyone on vacation or something? As she stepped in, she noticed that the building was plentiful. Not too many crowded the tavern, but the atmosphere was one of joy. Some sat eating lunch, others talking or gambling or playing games. Laughter very well rang thorough the hall, and things looked rather clean. Had they been expecting her return? Or had she just come back on a lucky day?

    Entering, Victoria watched the different responses. Some smiled and waved, others merely glanced or stared, and then there were those who hadn't even looked up from their business. She didn't mind; any number of things could have prevented their attention to her presence. It wasn't like she was royalty, despite how much her wear stood out with her signature clean white jacket and parasol. Her hair and eyes didn't help much, either, but she couldn't really do much about that. She simply blinked, changing her eye color back to brown and moved on. She approached the bar with a smile.

    She requested a glass of lemonade - not really wanting one of the wines or other alcohols just yet. Upon receiving as she had ordered from the bartender, she started walking her way back towards one of the tables near the door. Those were her usual seats as she'd rotate if they were already taken up. Her eye, however, was caught by a familiar girl. pink hair and eyes, she looked to be finishing up her lunch. Other than the face, not much seemed to stand out from the ordinary person.

    And to be completely fair, Victoria hadn't met the lady face-to-face yet.

    No, the Guild Master had only heard descriptions. Being away in Midi, she hadn't been able to meet the new mages of her guild. If she remembered correctly, this was the mage who used imagination to her advantage - or something along those lines. This had sparked her curiosity of this girl, leading her turn away from her path and take a seat across from the mage 'What was her name, again? Was it... Raven? Yes, that sounds right. Miss Raven,' she thought while leaning her parasol against the side of the table and setting down her glass. This freed both of her hands allowing her to extend one to Miss Raven.

    "Hello," she started, curious as to whether the mage would by able to figure her as the Rusty Hearts Guild Master. "I hope you don't mind me sitting here. I've not been here in a while and I figured I'd talk to a face I haven't seen before."

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