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    Axos Jaegar, The Lord of Space [WIP]

    Axos Jaeger
    Axos Jaeger

    Axos Jaegar, The Lord of Space [WIP] ODFYPdI

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    Axos Jaegar, The Lord of Space [WIP] Empty Axos Jaegar, The Lord of Space [WIP]

    Post by Axos Jaeger on Fri Mar 04, 2016 12:54 pm

    Axos Jaegar, The Lord of Space [WIP] U0DOApX
    Axos Jaegar
    Lord of Space
    June 25th
    Descended Dragon-God
    A (S after trials)
    Neutral Good

    Species Ability/Perk
    In the pantheon above the world, there lies gods of all different shapes, forms, and powers. Many times, these gods descend, only to be trapped in the world around them, unable to move from the physical realm. Here, is where Axos met the Lord of Space. After meeting a tragic end for his sister, Axos wanted to find someway to revive his sister. After searching for countless days and nights, he came upon a well, filled with what seemed to be mini stars. As he walked forward, he realized his mistake almost immediately- he felt his body rising, only to look down and see it moving on its own. Axos had his body taken over by something, and he intended to get it back. After hours of fighting, he finally got his body back, with a caveat, of course. He had merged with a God of Dragons known as the Lord of Space. He is now part Dragon-God and part human. As such, he is granted abilities that would further enhance his constitution and grants him strength in battle.

    Strength of the Gods:
    Axel, now being part of the pantheon, has increased strength due to his new constitution. Because he fused with the Lord of Space outright, the god's strength was added to his. This perk granted him a 20% base increase in all forms of damage, with a tacked on 5% per rank. So at D rank it is 20%, C 25%, B 30%, A 35%, S 40%, X 45%.

    Aspect of the Lord of Space:
    This is the end result of merging with the Lord of Space. Axel's physical abilities improve immensely. He gains the physical abilities of the gods' themselves. However, he must be able to withstand the pain, and because of that, he generally suppresses the aspect as much as possible. All stats are treated as one rank higher when aspect is activated, with a duration based on his rank (D-3 posts, C-4 posts, B-5 posts, A-6 posts, S- 7 posts, X- 8 posts). He passively gains the ability to perform feats of strength, at a +50% increase (so instead of 1,000lbs max, he can lift 1500 pounds max).

    Special/Unique Characteristics

    Axos has markings on his body that originate from the Lord of Space. The merging marked on his body tattoos of various sizes, each on the upperback to the lower arm area. They all come in various shapes, and end on the top of his hand. Axos wraps his torso and upper forearms with tape so as to not attract too much attention to the tattoos, especially when they are glowing.

    Character Depth

    Personality: (350 words minimum. This includes how your character acts in and outside battle.)

    Likes: (3 minimum, at least a sentence for each)

    Dislikes: (3 minimum, at least a sentence for each)

    Fears: (3 minimum, at least a sentence for each)

    Motivations/Goals: (3 minimum, at least a sentence for each)


    Hair: Blue
    Eyes: Red
    Skin Tone: Tan
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 184
    Overall Appearances: (see above)


    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Guild Tattoo: Blue tattoo located on his waist, beside his right abs.[/center][/size]

    Axos Jaegar, The Lord of Space [WIP] 4zMYbmT

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