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    Post by Bacon on Mon Jan 18, 2016 1:27 pm

    Guild Masters
    Send me your guild advertisements here. It can be as long as you want it to be, but keep on mind that new members will be reading it. Therefore, make sure to have it embody your guild goals and aims.

    Keep in mind that this is not mandatory, but, if you do not then your guild will not be made known to new members unless they decide to visit the respective guild's location themselves.
    Norou Shikage
    Norou Shikage

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    Post by Norou Shikage on Mon Jan 18, 2016 2:30 pm

    "...Born from the dark desire of Norou Shikage, a dark mage who had been locked deep within the Rune Knights prison whom had been freed by the guild leader of Animus Sin, Erebus Crown is a dark guild that wishes to act as the figure-head of all Dark Guilds, Uniting them under its banner and leading those of the dark against the light..."

    Erebus Crown is a guild that is devoted to a certain code of living, one that allows its members to live they're life to the fullest of they're potential by using they're emotions to guide them down the right path to becoming strong and victorious in order to achieve goals. Using power as it's main component, members have a lot demanded of them. Members of the guild are encouraged to participate in In-fighting and resolving conflict between members through combat. Upon joining this guild you are inducted into an exclusive group within the organization of Dark Guilds as a whole. Erebus Crowns guild base being located within the midst of a community and collection of Dark Mages makes it a perfect opportunity for ones to dedicate they're studies to the dark arts and gets them the pick of the litter when it comes to evil or otherwise forbidden objects. Erebus Crown could be considered to be an elite group within a larger group, one that has a goal to completely unite all the Dark Guilds under its banner, making Dark guilds as a whole into one collective super-power by creating a Government, Military and Special Operations within it so that it may operate as a well oiled machine to take down the powers that stand against them. This group remains notorious within the knowledge of Dark Mages, especially since it's creation at the fall of the Magical Council. Erebus Crowns dark denizens wish to wreak havoc upon the world that the Light Mages hold so sacred and assume is so safe.

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    Post by Ryoshi on Mon Jan 18, 2016 6:41 pm

    Advertise Your Guilds! Lb_adv13

    Join Light Bringer and become an advocate of peace, a beacon of hope, and an emissary of love. Join Light Bringer and become a warrior of light, fighting back the darkness. Join Light Bringer and be accepted no matter who you are and what your history is.

    Born of the dreams of the Shadow Hunter, Ryoshi Akuryo, Light Bringer is a peaceful guild whose only goals are to fight back the darkness, destroy evil through acts of love, acts of peace, acts of hope. Located on the top of a mountain, the guild is a beacon for all of Fiore to see and aspire to. The members of Light Bringer are expected only to do their best to eradicate hatred, despair and conflict from the world, through any means necessary.

    Though Light Bringer is a peaceful guild, it has been in the past and can be once again a warlike, militaristic guild. It can become the hammer of justice, taking action to destroy dark guilds and the evil they bring with them. The strongest members of Light Bringer are known as the Paragons of Light, and are feared by all Dark Guilds.

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