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    Legend of Zelda: Shades of the past

    Norou Shikage
    Norou Shikage

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    Legend of Zelda: Shades of the past Empty Legend of Zelda: Shades of the past

    Post by Norou Shikage on Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:50 pm

    Legend of Zelda: Shades of the past Shadesofpast_1
    Legend of Zelda: Shades of the past Untitled-6
    With the death of the Great King of Hyrule, and no prince to succeed him, Princess Zelda, only 19, is left to become the Queen in due time. With her coronation drawing near, she has a vision of a great darkness coming and washing over the world of Hyrule, as well as the neighboring kingdoms of Labrynna and Holodrum.

    While it is only a mere myth now that the hero of legends comes when evil rises, the princess is determined to find where he may be. As she tries to comfort her people and assure them that their hero will come, many do not believe her, for none have lived in a time where a hero was ever needed. Because of this, many are gathering to create their own forces to face the evil themselves.

    Turmoil has fallen over each of the Kingdoms. Due to the King's passing, the alliance between Labrynna and Hyrule now hangs on a thread. If Prince Perseus does not take Princess Zelda's hand in marriage, King Galadhion's plans may fall apart and a war among their people will rise. While this is going on, Holodrum and Labrynna continue to feud as they did for centuries.

    If this legend of the Hero, Goddess, and Darkness were to be true though, would that not mean that the legend of the Triforce is true as well? Once word spreads of these findings, more and more people will begin to search for those golden relics, which will mean that Hyrule will once again be raided for all it has. There is evil in many shapes and forms, and one darkness of Zelda's prophecy may be the least of her worries.

    Where will you be when evil stands at the border of our world? Will you fight against them? Or join them?

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