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Systems in question?!?! Z0wCCXI

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    Systems in question?!?!


    Systems in question?!?! ODFYPdI

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    Systems in question?!?! Empty Systems in question?!?!

    Post by Eiyū on Tue Feb 16, 2016 10:45 am

    Hello all members and staff,

    This is merely going to be a topic in which to help the dev's find what systems you as the members and staff feel need a good revamping which I have seen a lot of comments going about the chatbox and things of that nature so don't hesitate to say which ones you feel need to be touched on for that is our jobs to make this site balanced, fun, and functional for everyone! So with that being said though some systems will take longer than others to be redone and function back within the site the sooner I can see all the ones you guys are wanting replaced or reworked will bring about a quicker turn around for the site as a whole and hopefully increase the level of apps getting graded and checked because we finally got everything outlined and listed for the members so it is no longer a guessing game or waiting for a staff to address your question because it is simply not listed somewhere in the open.

    Thus these are some systems that are already being talked about to get revamped and should be completed shortly for the community to enjoy and readjust within,

    • Flight perks
    • Limited magic spots
    • Slayer magic as a whole
    • takeover magic
    • reequipped magic
    • staff list (this more so you know who is in what position and so that you aren't asking the wrong people certain questions simply because they have an @)
    • Health and Damage

    These are the ones either already in work to being revamped or I shall personally be starting and hopefully finishing within the upcoming month of February therefore, if you have any further suggestions please comment within this topic so that we can get the site into a working functional fashion so that everything can get graded more swiftly and get our members more active!

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    Systems in question?!?! N51AM3g

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    Systems in question?!?! Empty Re: Systems in question?!?!

    Post by Kyoto on Tue Feb 16, 2016 8:13 pm

    Onion 48

    Majority are either completed or nearing completion and might I say before anything gets revamp or added might want to get in touch with me.

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