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    Post by Genesis on Fri Jan 29, 2016 9:00 pm

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    Fairy Tail Unlimited is a forum-based, non-canon RP. Users can create a character in Fairy Tail, Blue Pegasus, Sabertooth, Phantom Lord, Oblivions Truth, or create a guildless character. Users can also choose a sub-race to further customize their character, or create their own!

    We have a number of quests submitted by both users and admins alike to embark on, which are the main way of getting EXP to rank up and unlock better spells. Dragon, Demon, and God Slayers have special slots reserved for them alone, separate from other limited magics like ReQuip and Take Over.

    Most of all, our staff is highly dedicated to making or system the best it can be, and we are always accepting input from our users on how we can improve. If all of this sounds fun to you, join us and take a look around!

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