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    Post by Eiyū on Thu Jan 28, 2016 7:39 pm

    As the chilling winter breeze would begin to thicken a swift cloud of white smoke would appear as a seemingly young man to some however, perhaps even considered a young boy to other would let out a sigh of relief? Boredom? Or perhaps simply hating his life still upon this earth or rather earthland as many glad it within this era…This breath wasn’t from that of a cigarette but rather simply from that of the winter air that was surrounding the world as it once again began that time of year of snow filled days and nights rolling into that time of spring however this time would be showing a rather slight delay of its arrival as mother nature as finally begun to take its toll from the various toxins and  chemicals and damage that humanity as put it through. Therefore, as he would slightly gaze upon the sky as it would seemingly begin to fill with little white speckle’s of frozen water that had yet to harden into that of small orbs of hail he would somehow put a devilish smile upon his face for this was going to be one of his perhaps many days within a new found home, however, where this would be is a mystery to many and perhaps even a legend to even more. As the ancient being would gaze upon this wonderland to some his memories would serve him a rather different way for as ever little trickle of snow flurries would begin to fall closer and closer upon the land he would stand upon he would find himself drifting off into thought as the memory of ashes would arrive from his subconscious…

    With a slight drift of attention though not something that would truly but the elder at risk for the wisdom he carried was that not to be taken lightly as even within this seemingly lucid state he would have full awareness of his surrounding and wouldn’t let his guard down allowing him to sense any nearby magic that would wish to pop up, the ashes would rain down upon him slowly but surely enough turning his once pale white hair into that of the aged veteran that he would easily be considered as he would look upon the wrecked land that he once called a battlefield it would bring a sense of accomplishment yet would bring a scowl upon his face for truly it would seem that no one truly would be able to stop him no one would be able to find themselves standing within his path for it was merely a path of balance and order truly not caring which alignment he would be classified within he simply found himself always on the winning side upon the front lines paving the way for their success and glory…

    However, upon that battle field would have been a boy that would truly change his world and lead it down a rather interesting and elongated path that would seemingly now have become full circle as the mysterious building would slowly being to come back within realities view and it would be that the guildhall of Erebus Crown home of one of the only people to have ever see the full wrath of that known as the King of Heroes and walk away with his life still intact, thus after hearing of his reappearance after an absence for three years naturally the ancient would once again become interested within what this boy had been up to within this time and had is power continued to develop or had he finally lost sight of it and once again became simply another mere human roaming these lands  worthless with no  sense or purpose for existence…

    Though truly this wouldn’t have mattered for simply he was there to make this place his new home for the balance within this world was once again swaying and he would need to join this guild in place of his own to once again restore balance, thus without another moments thought he would have begun approaching the guildhalls door and would swiftly find himself speaking with the guards within the front  with ease as the devilish smirk would have remained upon his face until it would have been able to be seen by someone within the guild this would have meant anyone at all that would have looked within his direction wouldn’t have caught the glimpse of this smirk but rather a stern face showing that of no emotion or compassion or fear for the devils that would have found themselves residing within this asylum would be the word that would first pop within the man’s head though truly having no time to find himself trapped within the atmosphere he would have wasted no time speaking his first words…

    “So this is the infamous guild known as Erebus Crown I wish to speak with the man within this place known as Norou Shikage, The Black King...”

    As the sentence would exit his mouth a sigh would have left his mouth what a rather cliché name, however, it did mean he had earned some degree of respect within this world as he would have strived throughout it and thus kept the ancients attention for the time being… however, truly how long would this last and would this travel truly have been worth it? This all would depend on how this youngster would have responded to being summoned for an audience… though this would have been when the ancient would have remembered his manners and before the guards could get possible one of the oldest lines within a lackey’s notebook and would proceed to explain who he was...

    “Oh and before you ask the man asking for his attention is Eiyū, The King of Heroes... and don’t let my appearance fool you are you shall be my first example of what happens to the fools within this world who stand within my way.”

    With this the stern face he was making would have shot a rather demonic aura within the air as he would see a bead of sweat appear upon the brow of the guards making him slightly smirk as he would away for one of them to finally turn around and relay his message without any further delay…

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    Norou Shikage
    Norou Shikage

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    Post by Norou Shikage on Thu Jan 28, 2016 10:29 pm

    Norou had spent a good amount of time at the guild Animus Sin upon being freed from his cell after murdering hundreds of innocent people and sneaking into that nameless light guild and slaughtering its members for fun, it had been a time for him where it had been more of Ouroboros in control of him than Norou himself though this is not to say that the actual 'Norou' in him wasn't a twisted and dark person as well, Norou was indeed a tainted individual. From his youth he had began down a path of darkness which was started when he encountered Ouroboros and proceeded to murder not only his mother and father but the entire village, friends of his family and even his childhood friends. He simply looked at the blood upon his hands and knew that this was power unrestrained and instead of being sad or terrified at what had just happened Norou simply buried those emotions deep within him and eventually, in a metaphorical sense, murdered those feelings within him. To those whom haven't spent much time around Norou most would think that he is in fact a stoic, one that eliminates the representation of emotion within their very demeanor though this would be a misconception, he just shows not sort of emotion to those he has no care for what so ever or when he is in a rather sour mood which can happen from time to time, this was indeed one of those times.

    He was in a particularly bad mood because he had been spending time away from Kitten his 'lover' for the time being, she had been the one who had freed him from his 'eternal' bonds within the deepest level of the Rune Knights mage prison, a place he rather despised as he had to spend countless amounts of time with Ouroboros in his own head, an entity that was a part of him which he still knew little to nothing about, it's motifs and goals. While he couldn't exactly figure out a way to rid himself of this foreign entity he also didn't really want to at the same time as this beast had taught him to be able to control poison to its highest degree as well as how to kill that very creature though upon killing it, they became one whole being. Norou had spend a decent amount of time at his lovers guild, Animus Sin, which had been the ones who toppled the Magic Council as well as raiding the Rune Knights mage prison in order to break him free as the guild leader Kitten had heard of the one known as Norou, an infamous mass murderer as well as being the one who had infiltrated a light guild and slaughtered all of its members over night. It hadn't been too long after that dangerous feat that the Rune Knights sent out their best in order to find and capture him though he didn't go down without a fight.

    Norou had disliked the way the world was before he had been locked up, he held a deep hatred for the way of living that had been going on and so he started to cause major crimes though now that the Magic Council as well as the Rune Knights organizations had been toppled he felt much better though an unsettling feeling within him began to rise, another bout of detest for how things were and a great need to change things, to shape them in the way that he wished to. It hadn't been long before Norou caught wind of the infamous Castle Black and traveled to the country where it had been located. Upon finding this place he realized that it would be the bedrock on which he would build his dark empire. While there had been a community of dark mages that had been created around the outskirts of Castle Black, no one but Norou had been able to open the gates to the castle itself and as such, Norou was named 'The Black King' and the rightful heir to the throne of darkness as well as the castle itself. With this Castle and community at his disposal, Norou plans to also use his connection with Kitten and Animus Sin to raise an army and lead an attack against the light guilds, he seems that as unfit rules of this world and he will change everything with not only his own power but the powers at his disposal to create a world where people like him rule and those who are not powerful suffer for their shortcomings.

    Norou found himself sitting upon the dark throne, his throne, resting his forehead on his palm in a slouched manner as he had found himself having a bit of a headache because of dealing with all of the dark mages that often come to his doorstep as well as cause problems within the community, this is one thing he did not stand for despite his love for chaos and destruction, within his Kingdom he, along with his closes followers would be the ones who would decide and cause such things. Many times a day people would come up to the front gate trying to get into the castle for whatever reasons they had whether it be assassination attempts, pleas to join Erebus Crown or simply to scope out the old and infamous castle though Norou only let special people in along with all of the members of Erebus Crown. Norou had caught the feeling of an unusual aura on this day however which seemed to bring him out of his headache for a moment, a feeling that he hadn't felt in a rather long time, it wasn't fear, nor was it anger but a rather familiar feeling indeed, akin to the very darkness he felt within himself. While the aura felt all too familiar he simply could not put his finger on it which rather annoyed him though when he was contacted by the guardians of the portcullis of the guild Norou did something that he normally never did which was to let a seemingly complete stranger into the guild hall of Erebus Crown. Before the guards could even begin to explain to him who it had been at the door Norou simply told them to lead whomever it was into the Throne room where he would continue to sit in his black regalia in his slouched position, head gently tilted onto his hand which had now curled into a fist upon which his head rested, a glass of blood red wine in his free hand.

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    Post by Eiyū on Thu Feb 11, 2016 4:55 pm

    As it would seem the guards would have received orders the man's smirk would have widened for this meant the man he was looking for truly was within this rather interesting building known by most as "The Black Castle", as the guards would begin escorting him throughout the building it would seem as though he wasn't the only one who would have requested an audience with this man before hand as the shock upon their face once receiving the orders was that of pure astonishment  further intriguing the man. It would seem the boy had truly grown in reputation and in stature even with his absence or perhaps it would have something to do with this building for the last he heard it was still that of mystery and yet nowhere it was not simply being explored but rather being used as a base of operation a feat only being manageable by someone with great influence and seeping hatred coming from within their body, soul, and mind... However, perhaps this was a good thing for to truly restore the order within the world he would need someone with that mindset and presence otherwise would is to say they wouldn't simply be yet another figurehead that would be lost within the tales of time for the shortest weakness or doubt within their own abilities and stature was seemingly exploited for truly that is the reason for the downfall of what could have been or nay should have been many great "villains" within the times that Eiyū has walked the plains of this world.  

    Therefore, he would simply admire the building as he would have begun his stroll toward what he believed to be the throne room or at leas that is what he thinks he heard would have been the orders that were given to the other guard as they were informed of the decision from the higher up, it was almost breath taking the acient design and decore of the building he was now within, the truly high ceilings giving the feeling of truly being an ant within the house of a anicent and almighty being, the dark aura that surronded every nook and crany that a person could seemingly get within or around as if once wrong step and it could all be ended within a moments notice... it was truly what would be the word the man would look for.... AH! Yes exelerating for truly as he would be lead deeper within the black castle he could almost feel himself growing more and more excited about choosing this place to be that of his new adventure, not for the fact that it was evil and was bring a grand influence upon him but rather simply for her felt that it truly was going to be place to restore balance and that is something of beauty he could not simply deny.  

    However, his internal excitment truly wouldn't be any more displayed or present than that of when he first stepped up the stair to begin his attempt to get within the place he is now within, though it would be inturupted when he would hear a rather interesting attempt at a sly comment toward the man it was as if the lowly guard felt he was getting too excited for something that could have proven to be the man's downfall or at least that was the sense he would have gotten from the rather irrelavent pawn, however, he would choice to entertain the statement for truly what was wrong with an appetizer before the main course of entertainment would have begun? Therefore as the last word would have escaped the mouth of the guard Eiyū woukld begin to speak himself...  

    "If this boy honestly think he will leave the throne room alive with that attitude his sadly mistaken.... The king will tear him to shreds after simply taking one look at the boy, I cant wait to see his desimated corpse upon the throne room walls or floor."  

    However, his words seemignly were meant to have fallen within a fit of laughter after he would have poorly attempted to whisper this to his fellow guardsmen but swiftly before he even would get a chance he would have been cut off like a dieasesed arm that was merely getting in the way of a much higher objective.  

    "Well if these guards honestly think they will live much longer after merely underestimating a man because of his apperance they must either be highly foolish or simply over confident within their abilities, however, I am always open to an audience as I attempt to spread my philosophy upon this seemignly lost world."  

    He would have spoke sturn yet playful as his smirk wouldn't have faded within the slightest as he would remain merely following his guides toward the throne room which he could feel drawing closer and closer as the oh so familiar aura would become more and more present making him left out a slight chuckle not only for the fact of his excitment, but rather also for it would seem as the guards wouldn't have taken so nicely to his statment as he would see out the corner of his eye one of them clinch their sword more firmly and the other could be heard grinding his teeth back and forth with much furstation and annoyance.  

    Though truly they wouldn't have mattered anymore for the man would have reached his destination and as the guard would have begun to let the man in he would see the young boy upon a pitch black throne , where he would see hims simply in a rather  slouched position, his  head would seemingly have been gently tilted onto his hand which would have been curled into a fist upon which his head rested, and a glass of a  blood red liquid within his opposing hand almost as if he could careless if it truly be wasted  or not from the relaxed way it would have found itself within the boys hand. Thus Eiyū would begin to address the man now truly stand or rather sitting in front of him as an equal for it was clear to him he wasn't that same simplistic young boy from all those years ago...

    "Well hello again young boy it has been quite some time since I last saw you, however, simply for the matter of formalities my name is Eiyū, it is a pleaser to finally be able to explore this wonderful castle that had seemingly been untouchable for oh so long..."  

    His smirk would have now become a simply grin as he would look at the man truly wondering if his apperance would have truly thrown the man off for, he had truly seemingly not aged a day since the last time he would have saw him though when you have been on this plain for as long as thy self it truly becomes rather normal to oneself but it seemingly never seems to become a costume many people are familiar with seeing though truly there weren't many if any beings left with the longevity that he had, thus he would await the boys reply and once again head into battle with him however, this time it was more of a mere chess match than that truly of a life or death situation at least that is what Eiyū would continue to think within the moments to come...  

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    Chao Yuexian

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    Post by Chao Yuexian on Fri Feb 12, 2016 3:48 pm

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    Chao Yuexian's slumber, like any other Ancient, never really consisted of actual sleep. Generally, Ancients entered a meditative state for the sake of cultivation during recuperation. The physical body naturally regained its strength, otherwise the whole merge of cultivation and rest would be redundant altogether; however, more importantly, the mind not only regained strength, but grew in strength. Or, in the sense of the Ancients, the soul grew strength. This was all philosophy on power, so the actual substance of this belief was subjective and therefore irrelevant to anyone besides Yuexian--at most, it was a religious practice.

    The matter of fact was still that sleep, to the woman, wasn't truly "sleep". A strand of consciousness as a basic practice was to be set aside, aware of the surroundings during meditation for self-preservation. The time of the Ancients was, after all, "rowdy", to say the least. As a result of this "set aside awareness", when the doors of the black castle Chao Yue resided in shifted, she quickly reacted. Well, she'd like to have reacted instantly, but the accumulated dust on her body and around the room nearly entered her mouth from the jerking of her facial muscles.

    Her expression of astonishment quickly shifted to disgust before her lips tightly shut. Shortly after, the entirety of Yuexian's body shook violently, all the dust around her vibrating away in an ellipse. With that, the woman quickly rose to greet the new master of the castle. Some many years ago, not that she could accurately recall, the Ancient Yue came across a well known king, renown for... something. This event was far enough in the past for Chao Yue to forget. In the end, as an attractive wanderer with no official identification during the time period, both Yue and the king held interest in each other; the king, moreso some superficial affection, and Chao Yuexian, a fascination with the land he occupied.

    Governments changed nonstop throughout many centuries and millennium; in fact, the occupying tyrants and different dynasties changed so often, it formed a blur to Chao Yuexian's recollection. So, for the conspicuous black castle the renown king lived in to show features of a time nearing Chao Yue's own era, naturally the curiosity within her bloomed. In the end, fulfilling both the king's desire to have this woman nearby, and the woman's own desire to explore the origins of the mysterious castle that allowed entry only to "chosen ones" as it turned out, this King included, Yuexian founded residence in the castle.

    Her self-isolation deep within a hidden room of the castle eventually let those nearby forget her visage, and after the King's passing, all beings within were quickly evicted. For an indeterminate amount of time afterwards, the Black Castle was quiet. Chao Yue, taking notice to her sudden isolation, paid little heed and returned to cultivating her lost power. Thus, when the doors of the castle reopened, the woman found it suitable to greet the new "King".

    With her usual grace and trained etiquette, Yuexian greeted the King briefly, attempted to explain a few things concerning the origins of the castle as far as she knew--an attempt, considering she had no idea whether her words were heeded, not that she cared--and went back to cultivating. Her level of interest with the new King himself wasn't all too depth'd; after all, even with the old king, the castle itself is what enticed her. For the time being. Soon after, his sheer existence within the castle brought many, and it wasn't often that someone held such a level of charisma. From here, Chao Yuexian's interest in the man himself bloomed.

    Exiting the hidden room, Yuexian came to greet the man once more. Whether or not he was aware of her staying in his castle without permission--again, it was a negligible detail. If anything, had he desired her leave, she would've fled without a fight, since even if she did adamantly desire residence in the castle, with ease and insight into the soul Chao Yue realised she wasn't his match. Whatever the outcome, the matter of fact was Yuexian's raise in activity.

    For quite some time, she roamed the castle, often engaging in conversation with the new guards and even the king, prying into what exactly made him worthy of the castle's acceptance, and where his particular charisma originated. Whether from the man himself, his actions, or the whispers of the guards and occasional visitor, to some extent Chao Yuexian understood his aspirations. And, with increasing interest in these goals and the man, the Ancient offered her services. Time was far too boring purely spent cultivating, after all. Whether or not her personal motivations coincided with his was a different matter altogether, as well as whether she personally agreed with his view on the world, and the actions he would--and did--take to enact and support these aims.

    Yet, since her offered services, few matters of excitement came up. Her decision to join the group... Erebus Crown, was it?... Yuexian's decision to join was mainly fueled by the assumption that events of excitement and energy would come and go. As one could guess, it was a major disappointment to discover the languid atmosphere of the castle. So, when another being of immense presence arrived, as if it were natural, Chao Yue's interests were once more sparked.

    Exiting her room, Chao Yue approached the Throne Room to greet the King once more, taking time in her walk to gaze upon the castle's intricacies and admire it. After all, the Ancient was one to appreciate scenery and mundane novelties. Hopefully, this new presence would share similar sentiments. Even with so many people in the castle, there was little livelihood, and by extension a sense of loneliness for Chao Yue to covet. Though, she appreciated even that much.

    On her way, there was no distractions, and out of both familiarity and her own level of strength, there was no one to stop her. The aura of nobility and seniority she exuded did well to discourage anyone approaching her, though it was mainly them knowing the strength in her presence. The aura from Chao Yuexian shouldn't create too large of an impact anyways, so much as her elegant gait. Arriving at the Throne Room, the woman respectfully pushed open the rear door and approached the throne from behind. Without moving to stand before the king, regardless of his actual recognition of the act Chao Yue bent in a curtsy appropriate for the current era's noble etiquette.

    "Chao Yuexian greets this King."

    After taking the formalities the Ancient placed importance on, both out of personal belief, habit, and legitimate respect for him, Chao Yue walked forward unreservedly to stand at his side. Bending forward in an inquisitive posture, the woman brought her face closer to the man and tilted her head. For a moment, her eyes rested on the beverage in his hand, quickly returning gaze to the man. Chao Yue's preferences in drinks, evidently, was not shared with the king. Her physical preferences, however--this King seemed suitable. Not that she would act upon the thought, for a number of reasons

    "Something of interest is happening, I presume? Care to speak about it?"

    Regardless of his reply, the swinging open of the main doors to the castle told the Ancient more than enough. Straightening her back and looking forward, Yuexian analysed those who entered, once more out of habit and personal interest. Though, moreso than the young appearance that seemed of minor attraction--on a number of levels--his speech caught her ear. With some arrogance and seniority, though the rhythm he spoke with was grating, Yuexian understood a few things. Firstly, this boy was undoubtedly the presence of interest that drew Chao Yue from her room. Second, his attitude wasn't pleasurable. Nothing at the level of irritation, as the years have tempered the Ancient's sense of tolerance, but neither appreciable. To some extent, Chao Yue understood that this may just be a personal quip as a result of her upbringing and beliefs on presentation, as is the origin of many of her issues. Either way, this appearance seemed to be the first step on the path of excitement that Erebus Crown was supposed to bring her.

    After 'Eiyū' finished speaking, Chao Yue turned her face to the man on the throne, quietly awaiting a reply. Only if found necessary and appropriate, Chao Yue would interject. More or less, if it were her "turn to speak". Otherwise, she was just here to observe, and if anything, comment about the event afterwards. To that extent, the Ancient simply stood there, by the throne, and smiled politely.

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