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    Character Design and Avatars


    Character Design and Avatars ODFYPdI

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    Character Design and Avatars Empty Character Design and Avatars

    Post by Clawford on Mon Jan 04, 2016 6:50 am

    Welcome to my Shop :)
    I'm offering character designs and avatars! These can be for main or for alts, but not for pets!

    Exceed examples:
    Character Design and Avatars VbUzIMb Character Design and Avatars Clawfordavatar Character Design and Avatars Debby200x300

    To request an exceed I need the following information:
    Type: Cat type or Panther type (for panther type I will only draw the small version like shown above)
    Pose: Describe to the best of your ability please.
    Eyes: Link (e.g. if you want Erza's eyes link a picture of erza)
    Nose: Color of nose
    Pads: Color of paw pads
    Fur Color: Describe or link. (I prefer link so I can use eyedropper)
    Markings: Please don't go overboard for your own sake. Too many markings look busy on exceeds and might be hidden if you choose to wear an outfit. Most common is a belly and a tail tip or no markings at all.
    Outfit: Describe or link. Or go bare like Happy Onion 1
    Extra: e.g. sunglasses or heels from example. Happy's little backpack is also considered an extra, not a clothing.
    Background: LINK. Pick one from google or whatever. For you lazy people who can't google: Go Here

    Cost: FREE

    Mage Examples:
    Character Design and Avatars Ztaichiavi Character Design and Avatars RikAvi
    Character Design and Avatars Rezehoverimage Character Design and Avatars LolaAvi Character Design and Avatars 200x300avi

    To request a mage I need the following information:
    Base: Yes or No. (I will provide a male and a female "base" on which I apply the information to)
    Shading: Yes or No. First two examples are without shading, the others are with.
    Pose: This will cost an additional 8 tokens. Describe or Link. Does not apply if you filled in Yes for Base.
    Eyes: Link (e.g. if you want Erza's eyes link a picture of erza)
    Hair: Describe or link.
    Outfit: Describe or link.
    Extra:  Onion 44
    Background: LINK. Pick one from google or whatever. For you lazy people who can't google: Go Here

    Cost: 2 tokens.

    If you link things, please make sure the color is also to your liking, or mention you want it in a different color.

    Character Design and Avatars Qm1sqjP

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    Character Design and Avatars Empty Re: Character Design and Avatars

    Post by Genesis on Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:09 pm

    Type: Cat Type
    Pose:  Standing straight with its arms at its side
    Eyes: https://kenleykristofferson.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/angry_blue_eyes_by_craft_lover-d37j2t0.jpg
    Nose: Brown
    Pads: Pink
    Fur Color: https://s.graphiq.com/sites/default/files/2307/media/images/t2/Meat_Brown_429915_i0.png
    Markings: None
    Outfit: A pair of black pants
    Extra: A mane like headgear that is designed to make it look like a lion
    Background: http://pre15.deviantart.net/85c8/th/pre/i/2014/293/4/7/fairy_tail_bg_69_by_xhikacchi-d83krw7.png

    Cost: 4 tokens as you asked

    EDIT: I aplogize for any inconviences however I decided to make changes to my exceed. If you want I can throw in an extra 2 tokens

    Character Design and Avatars Tumblr_n7stquyKe61tz1a8uo1_500
    Character Design and Avatars RAbh8Ei
    Other Siggys and Avis:

    Character Design and Avatars 73pVYyQ

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