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    Post by Admin on Sat Jan 02, 2016 7:56 pm

    The Vault System
    The Vault TN9fwcC

    Good morning, afternoon, night or whatever ladies and gentlemen. Are you tired of carrying around your heavy items when you want to make more items or carry event items or even just make room for items to come? How about are you scared of dying and losing all your Jewels? Well look no more, the vault system is here for you. Here with the vault system you can deposit your equipment and jewels for safe keeping to make more room for yourself. But wait there's more, the vault system ensures that if you deposit your money into the Vault and your character dies, a notice will be sent to your new character with the combination to the vault, and whatever you put into the vault now belongs to your new character without having to spend money to get it all back - isn't that just awesome?! But wait there's more, everyone starts off with a Vault, you heard right your vault is free with 6 Free Space slots and a Mini Jewel bag that holds up to 50,000 Jewels! WOW! So what are you waiting for come use the Vault System today!

    How it Works:

    1. Everyone starts off with a free Vault that has 6 free space slots plus a mini jewel bag that allows a deposit of up to 50,000 Jewels at a time. 

    2. Each Vault is secured to your character, the only way someone could get access to your vault is if you personally give permission to that user to deposit out of your vault.

    3. If you die and you deposited items into the vault, a message will be sent to your new character via first post giving the "combination" to the vault, of which if you have added on space or a bigger jewel bag you get to keep it as well as whatever is in the vault for your new character to use.

    4. A player can pay to expand their space and jewel bag to increase the amount of items and jewels that can be deposited into the vault for safe keeping.

    Space Slots:

    The first six space slots are free but additional ones will cost you.  One space slot is a total of 10,000 Jewels, however if someone chooses to buy five space slots they get a discount of which one becomes free. The maximum number of space slots is unlimited.  So long as the user has the money to buy space slots than the more space they have for items.  

    Jewel Bags:

    The first jewel bag is free and is able to carry a total of 50,000 Jewels but to add more space to your jewel bag will cost you.

    • Big Jewel Bag, Carries about 1,000,000 Jewels costs 50,000 Jewels.

    • Traveler's Jewel Bag, Carries about 200,000,000 Jewels costs 1,000,000 Jewels, but requires the Big Jewel bag be bought first.

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