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    [IMPORTANT] Check In & Events


    [IMPORTANT] Check In & Events D3kALDY

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    [IMPORTANT] Check In & Events Empty [IMPORTANT] Check In & Events

    Post by Bacon on Thu Dec 03, 2015 10:26 am

    The Updates

    [IMPORTANT] Check In & Events CkHXCLi
    [To those that recognize the above image, yes, it was our first site banner ^^]

    Hi there! As some of you may have noticed, this site is now up and running again. As such, we have created a Check In thread in order to see who is here. Keep in mind that this is required and mandatory for those that hold positions and wish to keep it. These positions include both In-Character positions as well as Out-of-Character. Therefore, it is vital that staff post on the thread as well.

    If you hold a position and do not post in this thread, you will automatically lose all positions you hold and the position may be in danger of being completely removed from the site. If you lose a position, feel free to apply for it again, but no exceptions will be made to keeping a position unless explicitly voiced to me if and why you cannot be on the site before the end date of this Check In, December 5th.

    To start off the site, we have also created two events for all to participate in: the Job Creation event and our Refer-A-Friend event. Both of these events currently hold no time limit, but we do ask that you participate in them soon so that we can further advance on the site. More events and contest will be made in the near future, so we advise that you check out our Events forum as well as our News and Announcements forum for more information on upcoming events and new updates.  

    If you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to come to me and or any of the other staff to ask. That said, have a great day and happy RP-ing!~

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