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    Enter The Phoenix. . . Wait, What!?!?


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    Enter The Phoenix. . . Wait, What!?!? Empty Enter The Phoenix. . . Wait, What!?!?

    Post by Krow on Fri Oct 30, 2015 7:25 am

    The calm tides of the ocean crashed upon walls of brick and mortar, the old, rustic hues seemed out of place within such a beautiful town. The streets of the town were bustling, men, women and children going about their daily affairs.

    The men setting out on the ocean on trawlers, determined to catch enough fish to make a bountiful profit. While the women took care of the usual house chores and kept their children in check and out of trouble.

    The sun sat perched above, the skies were bright, clear and radiant, a few white clouds brushing across the azure scape made it seem almost like a painting, the ground below being of a healthy contrast.

    Not far from the docks, walked a youth who stood at around five foot eight inches. He was dressed in dark blue hoodie, white fur lining the hood which was pulled up, hiding ivory locks. A dark shadow being cast over his facial features. His lower attire consisting of black shorts and plain sandals.

    "Start in Hargeon Town, Sora. . . it'll be good fer ya. Fuckin' Uncle, next time I see him I'm gonna burn him ta cinders."

    The ivory haired youth complained aloud, kicking the odd can that appeared in his line of sight. He wasn't sure, but for the beginning of his journey, this was pretty boring. Although, it did beat drowning, which he would have done, if not for being saved by some of the towns fishermen.

    The youth made his way out of the docks and into the town, the stench of salt water emanating from his body. He could hear the chatter of the towns citizens, talk of a festival. He staggered forward, something strange was overcoming him, everything was becoming fuzzy and then an abysmal darkness over-took him as he fell forward, hitting the ground with a dull thud. An obnoxious snoring escaping him.

    Just quickly as it had fallen onto the cold, gray stone, the body of the youth bolted upward. A light yawn passing through lips, a right hand coming up to scratch at ivory locks through the hood. He looked around, blinking rapidly, he pulled himself off of the ground, dusting himself off.

    "Stupid narcolepsy. . ."

    The male muttered, a cool breeze brushing up against his frame, a sudden shiver running along his spine. His stomach rumbled loudly, causing the male to grumble lightly. His feet carrying him wherever, he had caught onto the aroma of food within the gentle breeze. Hands slipping into hoodie pockets, he hunched forward and set out in search of food.

    "I hope this crap hole has some good food, I'm starving."

    The male complained aloud, looking around, he followed the scent of food he had caught onto mere seconds earlier. He headed in the general direction, soon arriving out front of an Inn. The sign above the entrance reading, "The Concordia Inn". He grinned, heading towards the entrance, his right leg rising, he rolled it forward, kicking the door in.

    The ground level of the three story inn being a tavern. The clientele mostly consisting of middle-aged men, all of which were drinking ale. A gorgeous young woman with sea-foam green tresses walking from table to table. She wore a black dress with white ruffles, her breast jiggling as she walked about.

    Everyone in the tavern froze, turning towards the entrance, the ivory haired youth grinning cheerfully would let loose a rather cheerful snicker of, "Shishishi." The green-haired bar maid smiling at him warmly, she stepped out of his way, watching him closely as he made his way towards the bar. She couldn't help but to notice the bandages wrapped around his forearms, her curiosity being piqued.

    The youth grinned, taking up residence upon one of the spinning bar-stools, his legs rising off the ground. The bottoms of his sandals soon meeting, hands clenched around them. He waited patiently, the green-haired woman making her way to the bar area once she was done serving the men their refills of ale.

    "Welcome to the Concordia Inn! My name is Elle, how may I be of service to you today?"

    The green-haired woman asked, scooping a few stray strands behind her right ear. She couldn't help but to be happy, it was actually rare for the Inn to get travelers nowadays. The establishment was good, as was the food and the rooms were quite spacious and comfortable, but with the bandits in the town, traveling had become rather dangerous.

    "Food, food, food! I want lots of food!"

    Cheered the youth excitedly, his right arm rising, hand resting upon the hood he pulled it down, an almost childish grin playing about his features. He knew not of the towns current predicament, but he would soon find out the hard way. That much was for sure.

    "Sure thing, but what kind of food exactly?"

    "Meat. Lots and lots of meat!"

    "Hey Midori, we've got a customer who wants lots of meat. Cook some up!"

    Elle called out in the direction of the kitchen, a muscular man wearing a red tee-shirt, black pants and a white apron poked his head out of the kitchen. His hair was the same sea-foam green as Elle's hair. The man nodded, ducking back into the kitchen he got to work on cooking up some meat for the newcomer.

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    Enter The Phoenix. . . Wait, What!?!? Empty Re: Enter The Phoenix. . . Wait, What!?!?

    Post by Voxel on Tue Dec 22, 2015 10:59 am

    Sunshine glimmering through the windows of the building, upon the rafters the gentle sounds of melody fluttered through the air. Soft delicate notes danced about above all the others, even when the notes where clashed out with the sound of a door being kicked open. But no matter, the bartender was allowing a figure to play his flute, the figure being a tall slender being with medium length black hair. The locks being set in a topknot, peach coloured skin was the colour clashing with the hue of his hair, purple tattoo like markings under his eyes, upon his cheeks. His long delicate fingers gracefully sliding along the shaft of the flute, hitting each note, and with his fingers covered. This covering was a skin tight violet suit, which held a set of steel plates, along his shoulders, arms, shins and near his collarbone. A royal purple scarf also was laying silent across the wooden plank that the figure was upon, the facial features resembled a woman's, but was hard to tell.

    Though the slender physique didn't help either, nothing seemed to be stopping the figure from enjoying some music of his people. Most of the people in the bar seemed to enjoy it as none of them seemed to ask him to stop, and once he was done he rested his lips for some time. After his song was on pause, the figures gray like orbs glistening over the flooring below him, a dart like of silver like locks caught his gaze. No words escaped the slender lips though the gaze of the cold eyes did stay upon the young male below. Metal clanking from his plates upon his shoulder shifting from his hands sliding up his leg to his knee on his right side which he propped up at a angle. *Hmmm... interesting... ivory hair, just like the sage back home.* A thought shifted through his mind, and with that he reminisced about his life back home, but as quickly for it come, it slide off into the recesses of his brain. His gaze from time to time crossing over the others citizens that where within the building, and when the bar tender waved to him, the figure looked confused.

    With the look reaching the bartender, his hands reached down and pulled out a familiar milky white glass that was within a pot of steaming hot water. A grin came across the figures peach tones face, with a quick push off the edge of the rafter, and a subtle spin in his fall. Landing upon his feet, the snapping of the scarf in the air, and shifting of metal plates, clanking with the shock-wave of the impact. The tall being, reaching at one hundred and seventy nine centimeters, and his body tone looking to be at least sixty five kilograms. Reaching out to the glass bottle after strolling over to the counter. "How much do I owe you?" The tender and light voice rolling off his tongue, slithering through the air almost like that of a young man, and after the bar tender gave him a gentle smile the figure just bowed, and returned to his perch. A small glass bowel about the size of a teaspoon was cradled in his finger, and the clear liquid slipping into it, before he took a sip.

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