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    Fairy Tail: Online RPG

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    • My first impressions for you forum are really good. I like the images and the imagination that goes all around your forum. All the colors are harmonized and are great to look at. My first reaction was ohhh wow.. So analyzing the above i will start with the general forum appearance. It's appearance is great. The top of the forum really catches our eyes when we first visit it. At the top left side of the banner there is a sharp line that makes the banner visible and separating it from the rest of the forum that does not look that good to my eyes. (Image) That could easily be fixed with a nice effect so that it won't look that sharp. Also the navigation bar could change. By my opinion the images should change as for the hover effect. What i mean is i would prefer to see the opacity lowered to 0.6 for example and when you hover it to show full opacity to 1. Despite that a transition effect would be nice to ease show and ease lower opacity. The images of the forum are really nice and i love each and every one of them. Moving to your forum activity i have to say that as for the member activity that log in to your forum you are really good as i see lots of them viewing your forum every day. As for the posts activity i have to say that i don't really see that much of activity in each section as i see some of them completely empty and some of them having no posts for a while. From what i can see you have an event section which is empty. Fact that makes me think that you just have it there just to attract them. An easy way to attract them and have them registering to your forum is to create some events and give great prizes to increase their interest to your forum and make them stay. For the staff and usergroups i must say that i rated so low due to the fact that i can only see names with colors and i cannot see any usergroups or staff ranks. I loved the colors and the effects of the colored members and that's why i rated like that. The forum originality is unique. I love the design of your forum and the imagination you used to create the forum. Just fabulous. The forum layout and organization is ok. I have to say that the description effect is really nice and i was impressed by that. Although the cursor did not help me realize where i had to click to enter the inner design of the category i managed. I noticed that the categories and the images are going over the right border of the forum fact that i personally did not like due to the fact that the forum is looking so good. (Image) Last but not least i haven't spotted any grammar or spelling mistake. Well done!

    Forum Strengths

    • Originality
    • Appearance
    • Images
    • Effects
    • Design

    Forum Weaknesses

    • Activity
    • Some images

    Overall i must inform you that these are just my opinions and some ways that you could make your forum better looking. Simply what i would like to see and how i'd like to have it! :)

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