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    Reviewing and Grading

    Zed The Workaholic
    Zed The Workaholic

    Reviewing and Grading OPwF1AW

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    Reviewing and Grading Empty Reviewing and Grading

    Post by Zed The Workaholic on Wed Sep 16, 2015 10:53 pm

    I would like to announce something here I don't think I should have to but I have seen plenty of people get upset when a staff member gives their review or grading on their app.  Let me be the first to say, please do not argue with us, we work very hard to keep you all happy we ask in return you follow what we say.  So if we say need more word count on personality, provide it.  If we say this ability is vague, explain it.  I have decided to say that if users are rude to the staff we will simply stop grading and reviewing your app and once you have made the changes we have talked about then we will regrade.  I am not okay with how staff gets treated when reviewing and grading apps.  We review and grade off a common assessment, please value that and don't argue.  

    Now then, I look forward to grading and reviewing apps, I hate that I had to make this announcement but honestly it had to be made.  If it gets so bad that another staff member has to hand over the app to someone else to assess that means trouble, please don't let that happen.  Also staff, and including myself for future reference, if we have such an issue where someone gives us issues please go ahead and snap shot it archive it and send it to the owner, the matter will be dealt there.  After all that is said and done have a good night or day everyone once again I should not have to say this but I still did. How unfortunate.

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