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    Hikari Sakurai


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    Post by Hikari-chan on Mon Mar 07, 2016 8:31 pm

    Hikari Sakurai
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    Species Ability/Perk

    Special Unique Characteristics

    Character Depth
    Hikari in one word is... rash. She has a very short fuse and easy to piss off. Most of the time, she will act without thinking and can be a wild one. Hikari always has energy to burn, that is one thing she never lacks. Her violent and short tempered nature, tend to be why Hikari has trouble making friends. A lot of the time, she's alone and doesn't talk to others much. Despite this, Hikari loves to read and learn new things. Normally she can be found in a tree with a book. When she isn't reading or training, you can normally find her stuffing her face. In short, Hikari is a food addict. When people say "a way to a man's heart is through his stomach", same principle applies to her as well. When it comes to someone Hikari has special feelings for, she has a hard time expressing herself. She tends to be more violent towards that special someone no matter the situation. Her words will often contradict her actions. All this makes Hikari a tsundere. Hikari does not have much confidence in her looks. When it comes to the size of her chest or her height, she is very self conscious. If someone were to call her short, flat chested, or anything similar, she will immediately proceed to beat the crap out of that person. Even though Hikari is rash, violent, and short tempered, she is a person who treasures the friends she makes and always believes in the bonds they share.

    In the heat of battle, Hikari is about as violent as she normally is, sometimes a little more. Her fighting style is more physical than anything. She tends to fight close quarters combat style more than anything else. She does this because she feels it gives her an advantage over her opponents who use long ranged spells. Hikari is quite serious in battle. She always makes sure to stay alert and aware of her surroundings, making it difficult for surprise attacks to be made successful. If Hikari is fighting with a team, and if a member of her team is in danger of being hurt, she'll do everything in her power to prevent that.
    Who doesn't like food?
    Hikari is always trying to become stronger both magically and physically, therefore, she finds training to be a very good way to do that and enjoys it.
    Eve since she was little, she's had an affinity for reading. She loves how books can take you to whole new worlds and teach you so many things you never knew.

    -Being called flat
    Hikari is very self-conscious about her bust size. So when people call her flat, it will set her off big time.
    -Being called short
    Same goes for her height. Hikari doesn't like that she's so short for her age. So this is another thing that will set her off.
    -Those who have no respect for life
    Because of her terrible past, Hikari cannot forgive those who have no respect for another living creature's life.

    -Being Alone
    Having the past she did, Hikari was all alone for a long time. She is terrified of the thought of being left all alone again.
    She fears dying the most. If she were to die, she'd never see her friends or loved ones again.
    -Dark Wizards
    Due to her past, Hikari is terrified of dark and evil wizards.

    -To find true love
    Hikari wants to find happiness and someday raise a family.
    Having her magic, motivates Hikari quite a bit. She feels if she becomes stronger and more powerful, no one she cares for will suffer because she'll be able to protect them.
    -Her friends
    They give Hikari a purpose in life. They're the reason she's able to smile and keep moving forward.

    Hair: Golden Brown
    Eyes: Same color as hair
    Skin Tone: Medium
    Height: 4'8"
    Weight: 115 Lbs
    Overall Appearances:
    Hikari's Appearance:
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    Guild: Rusty Hearts
    Guild Tattoo: On her neck, left side(dark purple)

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