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    Same Weird Sh!t.(Open)


    Same Weird Sh!t.(Open) ODFYPdI

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    Same Weird Sh!t.(Open) Empty Same Weird Sh!t.(Open)

    Post by Ragecano on Sun Mar 06, 2016 5:50 pm

    It was a rather boring day in the town of Clover. The clouds were out today along with the sun, and it was warmer than usual; Today was a Sunday, the Devil Slayer's least favorite day. The streets were full of people who seemed to be on a casual walk, away from work on their one off day of the week, or so it seemed. It was rather quiet on Sundays, not what Ragecano was used to, and Rose Garden had become so boring that he had to take a vacation from his 'indefinite vacation'.

    Needless to say, today was going to be very weird, but he didn't know how exactly.

    The Devil Slayer rested his head on the table of a day bar, where three glasses, two empty and one half-full of vodka sat in front of his head. Why was it that he had managed to only get four hours of sleep last night? Perhaps somebody spiked his drinks with caffeine...but that's not really important right now. He decided that the wood would have to get somebody else to lay on it, forcing himself to get up. He would slide a rather meager sum of Jewels onto the counter, before taking his leave.

    His next destination would be the guild hall he hadn't seen in at least a week.

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