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    Rin's Devil(Demon) Slayer RP Sample

    Rin Moriyama

    Rin's Devil(Demon) Slayer RP Sample ODFYPdI

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    Rin's Devil(Demon) Slayer RP Sample Empty Rin's Devil(Demon) Slayer RP Sample

    Post by Rin Moriyama on Sat Mar 05, 2016 10:39 pm

    A young child who had just lost her entire world so suddenly. The young undine girl, wandered aimlessly through the wilderness of Fiore. Her clothes tattered, her hair a mess of tangles and knots and, her eyes, devoid of all life, emotion, and purpose. To think, this poor child just witnessed her parents being brutally murdered in front of her from the safety of a hidden room. That was two weeks ago now. She had already buried her parents bodies and left the home she'd known for the last ten years of her life.

    In those two weeks, she hadn't eaten a single thing or even drank a single drop of water. It was a miracle that this child was still even alive. The world and god were so cruel. All the child wanted now, was to die and join her parents in heaven but it seemed that was not going to happen.

    She felt her body grow weak as she walked and she finally collapsed on the cold hard ground and passed out. When she awoke and looked up, it was dark outside. When she looked at her surroundings, it was completely different from where she had collapsed. Not only was she no longer on the cold hard ground, she seemed to be inside a cozy cabin. The child could not make sense of what was going on at all. Just then, the door across the room from where she was, creaked open and through it, appeared a man who appeared to be maybe in his early 30s? The man, had dark tanned skin, golden eyes with snow white short hair and was wearing some sort of middle eastern garb. When he saw the child up and awake, he smiled happily. The girl just cocked her head to the side as she watched the man come to her bedside.

    Upon reaching the bed the child had been lying in, he knelt down in front of her and with a soft smile on his face, he spoke. "I'm so glad you finally woke, when I found you out in the wilderness collapsed on the ground, I was worried." She could not understand anything about this man, nor his words or his actions."May I ask your name, young one?" The child looked him in the eyes, and spoke for the first time. "Rin...my name is Rin." Was all she said. Upon hearing Rin's response, the man smiled once more. "What a wonderful name, you may call me Demyx. Its a pleasure to meet you Rin." Rin simply nodded in response.

    The man had brought Rin food and water. He told her to eat, that it would help her feel better. As she ate, Rin felt her strength returning. Not only that, but the life began to return to her eyes as well. Rin polished off the food and water. "thank you so much mister Demyx for the yummy food and water." Demyx simply smiled with satisfaction. "I'm really glad you enjoyed it, and I'm also glad you seem to be feeling better now as well." Rin nodded.

    After that, Demyx decided to take Rin in for the time being. He tried to ask Rin what happened and why she was out in the wild all by herself, but it was to no avail, she refused to talk about it.

    It took Rin about a week to full recover her health and strength. Now that she had, Demyx and her both left that cabin together and traveled to the town of Hargeon. When in Hargeon, Demyx took Rin to his home. "Welcome, to your new home Rin. This is where you and I will live together." Rin nodded with a smile.

    After a month of living together in Hargeon, the time had come where Rin was finally ready to tell Demyx what happened. Demyx couldn't believe that Rin, who was so young, had to witness such horrific events. He hugged Rin tightly once she finished her story. "Rin, would you like to learn devil slayer magic?" Was what he said when he hugged her. Rin pulled away and looked at Demyx confused. "what is devil slayer magic?" Demyx let go of Rin and responded. "A lost, ancient, holy magic, meant for eradicating evil like demons and devils. I can teach you lightning devil slayer magic so you can protect those you care about from evil." Rin didn't quite understand how Demyx could teach her this magic but.... "Okay, I'll learn it! Please teach me!" That didn't seem to matter to her.

    "Okay Rin, just like I showed you... Concentrate and gather ethernano into your body. Once you feel the magic power flowing throughout your entire body. Focus the ethernano into your palm." Rin did as she was told, she stood still with her eyes closed, concentrating. As she did this, ethernano particles in the air began to be drawn to her, they gathered on her body, dissolving into her skin, causing Rin to glow. She really feel magical power flowing through her body. Next, she focused all her energy on her hand. Meanwhile a very small dark storm cloud hovered up above her head. Next thing she knew, lightning came down from that cloud and surrounded her arm and hand. Rin was so shocked by how quickly she managed to gather lightning on her first real try. Demyx seemed pleased as well.

    "Now, I want you to launch that lightning in the form of a powerful punch at that tree over there and break it in two. Think you can do it?" Rin looked back and forth between Demyx and the tree he was pointing at. She gave a confident smirk and nod to Demyx. She concentrated once more, using the magic power she had gathered just a couple minutes ago, to intensify the lightning in her hand and on her arm. She then charged towards the tree at a very high speed, just before she got to the tree she jumped in the air. As she did, the lightning she had gathered, turned into the shape of a demonic claw. As she began to descend, she clutched her hand into a fist and hit the tree as hard as she could in it's center. "Lightning Devil Righteous Fist!" Upon her fist making contact with the tree trunk, the lightning dispersed against it, causing an outward blast. To avoid getting hurt, Rin jumped back. When she looked up, the tree had a large crack in it's trunk and was now falling over. Rin couldn't believe what power that attack packed. Her face lit up brightly. Demyx was also impressed by the sheer power of her punch. Rin repeated that process over and over for about 2 hours until all the trees in the forest they were training in were all broken.

    The next day, Demyx was having Rin learn how to use a somewhat advanced spell, known as lightning step. It was a spell that allows a person to basically teleport by charging their feet with lightning. "Okay Rin, just like yesterday, concentrate to gather ethernano into your body. Only unlike last time, I want "to focus all the magic you gather on the soles of your feet and use that to teleport to me." Rin did what she was told, she concentrated. However, this time, she gathered ethernano twice as fast as the previous day. With all the ethernano she gathered, she began to focus it all on the soles of her feet. It took about a minute and then she disappeared only to reappear in front of Demyx. Upon seeing Rin teleport in front of him, made Demyx nod in satisfaction. He had her repeat the process multiple times, just like yesterday. They called it a day after about four hours.

    In about three months time, Rin had learned quite a few spells. Now, came the time, to test her skills. She would now face Demyx in a sparring match. "well, are you ready Rin?" Rin nodded with confidence. "Yes father!" Demyx smirked somewhat evilly at her. "Alright, but just know, I'm not going easy on you here!" After having said that, he charged at Rin incredibly fast with an intense lightning packed punch. Rin managed to dodge by using lightning step. Once she was behind him, she jumped in the air and countered with the first spell she learned. Her arm and had became engulfed in white lightning as it took on the form of a demonic claw and then it was molded into a fist when Rin clenched her hand shut. "Lightning Devil Righteous Fist!" She said as she attempted to land a hit on Demyx only to be blocked with his bare hand. Now, now you'll have to do much better than that Rin." However, the lightning that was engulfing Rin's arm and hand, was still present. So, with some quick thinking, she discharged the lighting on Demyx, giving him one hell of a "shock". She managed to land a blow on him, and seemed to have quite an effect on him too.

    Despite Rin landing that blow on her father, it would not be enough to beat him. This time, Demyx used lightning step to get behind Rin and used a downward kick that was charged with lightning. Rin once again dodged only this time, she just jumped out of the way, putting distance between the two. She then countered with a long distance spell. "Lightning Devil Shockwave!" By clapping her hands together, she sent out a wide electrically charged shock wave that traveled incredibly fast at Demyx. He tried to dodge but it was to no avail, it hit. Shocking him once more, it even managed to paralyze his legs. Now, with the upper hand, Rin rushed at her father, her hand, holding a blade of lightning. "Demonic Lightning Blade!" she shouted as she struck Demyx with the spell. Though, she just bopped him on the head with it. "So, are you ready to admit defeat father?" With his legs still paralyzed and seeing the smile on her face, he decided to give up. "You win Rin, Your father gives up. Now, would you mind helping your dear father into the house?" Rin nodded happily as she took Demyx's arm over her shoulder and helped him walk into the house from the backyard where they had their spar.

    "You really have grown strong as a devil slayer my dear daughter. I'm very proud of you." Rin blushed feeling a bit embarrassed by her father's words, but also happy at the same time. It was getting to be evening, so they had dinner then went to bed so they could get an early start on their training the next day. However, when morning came and Rin woke up, the house was devoid of Demyx's presence. Rin searched the whole house, inside and out but, Demyx could not be found. Rin had no clue what was going on, until, she stumbled upon a letter that seemed to be left behind by Demyx.

    "To precious adoptive daughter Rin,
    I know my disappearance will most likely have you searching everywhere for me, which is why, I'm leaving this letter behind for you. You've grown strong enough to stand on your own two feet now. That is why, I've headed back to the demon realm to deal with some personal things that I must take care of. I will return someday, however, I do not know when that day will be just yet. Until then, I hope you continue to grow, not only as a mage but as a person too. Go out into the vast world and find a purpose for yourself my dear little girl. I want you to become a proud person, who can fight for what she believes in. Well, that's all I have to say to you. Stay strong Rin and farewell for now.
    Your Father"

    Rin was speechless, without having realized it, tears were streaming down her face. She had lost more family. Even so, unlike last time, she would be able to see Demyx again someday, that gave Rin hope. She wanted to live up to her father's expectations not only for him, but herself as well.

    Three years later... Rin, age 13....

    "Lightning Devil Righteous Fist!" Shouted Rin as she sent a bandit flying. "C'mon little girl! We're not done yet har! har!" Rin shot daggers at the man who just spoke up. Right now, Rin was currently on a job to stop some bandits out in a forest between the capital crocus and Magnolia. What made things worse was that they were ex members of an old dark guild that was snuffed out. "Jeez, this is a pain, but someone's got take out the trash!" As they all charged at her, Rin took in a deep breath. "Lightning Devil's..." She then shot out a large cylinder cone of white lightning at all approaching enemies. "Rage!!!" The lightning hit most enemies but a couple of the more skilled ones managed to escape the spells damage and dashed right at Rin. However, Rin just used lightning step to evade their counter-attacks. Now behind them, Rin just used the side of her hand to skilfully strike one of them in the back of their neck, knocking him out. While the other, just cowered in fear. Rin picked him up by his shirt collar. "Wh-what are you gonna d-do to me?!" Rin glared at him. "Nothing, so long as you take all your friends and never try to harm the innocent again, or else I won't show any mercy next time I see you guys." Rin said this in a low and intimidating voice while giving the man a threatening glare.

    The man just nodded frantically, making it clear he understood. With that, Rin let go of the man. He grabbed all of his unconscious friends and scrammed as quick as he could. With all of them gone, Rin breathed a sigh of relief. "Glad that's done with, now I can go get the reward for my job." Rin headed back towards Magnolia to collect the reward from this job. On the way, She stopped to look at the sky. "I promise father, I will become strong and find my purpose!" She thought to herself as she continued down the path back to Magnolia.

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