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    Descended from Heaven (Open to LB)


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    Descended from Heaven (Open to LB) Empty Descended from Heaven (Open to LB)

    Post by Ami on Mon Feb 08, 2016 8:09 pm

    Upon the endless black sky of night, above the mountains a flurry of cloud gathered in clusters. Soon a small dot appeared in the distance and it gradually grew larger. What could be easily be misconceived as a bird from the ground was rather in fact a celestial being, or rather one whom has fallen from heaven. A ray of the moonlight casted upon the figure revealing it to be a young, pinkette who didn't seem older than the age of 19 however in reality she was much older. As the figure got closer only a flash of white and pink was perceived by human eyes for the figure was flying at a quick speed. Finally the being approached a giant castle where it began to descend from the sky. The girl as she landed folded her two wings neatly behind her back. She pondered at the castle. Is this the guild of Light Bringer? Hopefully I'm not lost...

    There was only one way to figure out if she had truly reached her intended destination or not, to confront it head-on. Sure she was afraid however the angel knew that she had to confront fear in order to escape the evil, for it was the one thing that was holding her back. Closing her eyes she gave a sigh before she opened them and spoke in a loud clear voice. "Is this the guild they call Light Bringer. If so my name is Amitiel, but my prefered name is Ami, and I would like to join this guild to help myself venture into the light." Then she realized something quite embarrassing. She was outside the guild where there was nobody in sight. Her face turned slightly red when she realize this. Fortunately for her since there was nobody outside, no one seemed to notice her blunder.

    When she went inside she was greeted with a warm burst of air, contrasting greatly from the chilly air outside of the guild. Her nervousness seemed to melt away as well. She then said in the same voice as she accidentally used outside and repeated what she said, although she stuttered a bit more since she knew people where in the room with her. She whispered a silent prayer in her head to the gods, asking them for their aid in this event. If they didn't abandon her like she abandoned her hope upon them so long ago.

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    Descended from Heaven (Open to LB) Empty Re: Descended from Heaven (Open to LB)

    Post by Ryoshi on Mon Feb 08, 2016 8:41 pm

    "Ah man, I'm hungry." Ryoshi said to himself as he walked behind the bar in his guild hall. Moving so quickly around the kitchen area that he appeared to be no more than a gold-and-white blur, the guild master fired up the grill and pulled out all the ingredients to build himself the ultimate hamburger. When all the ingredients were laid out and the burger itself was sizzling on the grill, Ryoshi froze in place suddenly, locked into a pose which had him leaning casually against the counter, head resting on his clenched left fist, which was supported by his right arm folded under his left. He remained in that position for a few minutes, until he suddenly exploded into action once again to flip the burger. When he had flipped and seasoned the patty, as well as laying cheese on it to melt, he froze again in the same place and the same pose. A few minutes later, he was a whirlwind yet again, scooping the patty off the grill, laying it on the bun and piling the vegetables on top, then laying the other bun on top and setting the whole item on a plate. Satisfied with his work, the golden-haired man carried the plate out to the main area of the guild hall where he took a seat at an empty table. As he raised the burger to his lips, he thought he heard a loud thud, like something heavy had landed on the ground outside. Ryoshi lowered the burger slightly and focused, but he could hear nothing else over the howling of the mountain wind. He shrugged, brought sandwich back up to his mouth and went to take a bite, just as the doors to the guild burst open and a young, pink-haired girl strode in, announcing her intention to join Light Bringer. Frozen in shock, Ryoshi could only stare up at the girl with the burger still in his mouth. A moment of silence passed as the night wind whistled in through the open doors, carrying flurries of the ever-present snow in its ice-cold hands. Sometime during that moment, the sandwich fell back to the plate through Ryoshi's suddenly nerveless hands, leaving his mouth gaping open. After a few more seconds, the guild master recovered his wits, snapping his mouth shut with an almost audible click and shaking himself slightly. He then quickly rose to his feet, grabbing his official staff from where it leaned against the table, causing his white cloak to flutter in the wind.
    "Welcome, Ami. This is indeed the guild Light Bringer, and I am its master, Ryoshi Akuryo. And it is my pleasure to grant your request and allow you to join my guild." he said in his official guild master voice, his midnight meal all but forgotten.

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