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    Enjoy the Fresh Breeze (Social/Open)

    Malik Roberts
    Malik Roberts

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    Enjoy the Fresh Breeze (Social/Open) Empty Enjoy the Fresh Breeze (Social/Open)

    Post by Malik Roberts on Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:08 pm

    It was a beautiful, no glorious, day for Magnolia Town, home to the famous guild who is well known for it's powerful, yet destructive, mages. It is known as Fairy Tail. There is one boy in particular who is seen as not as destructive as his guildmates due to the fact he is mindful of the area he is in and is careful not to cause too much collateral damage. At least not to buildings or the towns he travels to for jobs. His name was Malik Roberts, known to many, especially his comrades, as the Child of Ruin. This is due to how destructive his magic is. He was a God Slayer, a mage with the power to take on transcendent beings, usually seen as evil to others. He still has much to learn, due to being young, yet so talent for his age. He was now sixteen years old and was a B-Ranked Mage. For a boy, like himself, to achieve such feats while still so young is certainly astounding. His mother and father were certainly proud. His younger siblings even looked up to him at time. Well, his sister did, his brother held high respects for him. They both even spare with each other at time. Malik would usually win, but he could tell his sibling was becoming more skilled in his magic. His parent also trained with their magic from time to time, the belief that there is always going to be someone stronger. They were right, there were more powerful mages walking the world as he knew it. Though there was more that drove his mother, father, and him than simply meeting and fighting someone stronger. It was to protect those close to them as well as their dreams and aspirations. It was the pure, innocent desires that flowed through their hearts, the souls. It is what made them human as well as strong to begin with. The reason why those, like him, are able to achieve such powerful is because people have the potential to begin with. In fact, every human being, transcendent divine beings in physical form has limitless potential, since they are God's Children. That is what Malik learned through the Christian Belief.

    Right now, at this very moment, the boy was stationed in a place far away from both the guild and his hometown. He was resting peacefully in a blissful area that took one worry away every time one visits. It was where one is reminded of how beautiful and kind the world can be, despite facing hardships through one's your life. It is also a place where he has practice at in order to use his God Slayer Magic with his respective element being fire. More specifically, it was the destructive aspect of fire manifesting as black flames. They were called god flames, due to their god-like destructive power. They are said to embody the natural force of destruction itself. If was from this inkling of information that his fire has the the potential to burn literally anything and everything to nothingness. Truly a formidable and dangerous power indeed. In the wrong hands, a catastrophe of cataclysmic proportions was have taken place. Thankfully for the wielder and others around him, he was the right person to control them. The person who taught him how to use such power rightfully and just was his aunt, or rather, surrogate aunt. She was not human to begin with. In fact, she was the Goddess of the Sun, itself, Amaterasu. She was the aunt of Malik, because she was the adoptive sister of Cortez Roberts, his father. While growing up, he remembers all the fun his family and him had, including his aunt and even her relative brothers. Of course, he had only meet with a few times, but they were fun to be around. Malik's blood relatives were big enough in number already, with his aunt's side of the family, his family was enormous. Speaking of the heavenly maiden, he wondered where she was at. He had not seen her around lately, especially in the fields. He had to suspect that she was performing or upholding her duties as the Sun Goddess such as managing the sun along with other sun deities. It is certain a big responsibility, but at least she is not alone. All known deities are maintaining balance within the universe. The secret lies in them working together, like humans.

    In the serene meadows beyond the boundaries of the town where the guild he considered his home resides in, he laid peacefully on his back while under a very large tree, who's shadow served as perfect shade for him. Then again, as a Flame God Slayer, heat doesn't affect him, not matter how much. Still, it fits the mood quite wonderfully. He had both of his hand holding the back of his head with his left over the right to act as an adjust. The lush green blades of grass flowed in the desired direction the winds commanded as they gentle blew passed them, even occasionally swooping pass his locks of black hair. He silently enjoyed the tranquil breezes flowing through the atmosphere, which was permeated by the sheer beauty of the life-filled fields. He only wished his aunt could join him, but knows she cannot just shirk her responsibilities for simply lazing around, even to spend time with her family. The consequences could be dire for both the world and the universe as the balance could be thrown out and about. Still, there were other sun deities other than Amaterasu. However, passing on her post just for fun would be selfish and ungodly. Overall, he did miss her. She was someone he looked up to. She had much in common with his beloved mother. Kindness, motherly love, courage, and mercy. Most people are good at heart, yet there are those who refuse to be good. As such, they refuse to be human. They chose to be evil, malevolent, demonic, unworthy of being human to begin with. Beings such as this are one of the reasons for his dream to become a hero and legend throughout the world and universe. He aspiration to protect the innocent and slay the wicked. To be a savior of all that is good and a vanquisher of evil. He has always hated evil from the beginning. In fact, it is the only thing he has truly hated, nothing else. He slowly turned his gaze towards another direction in the sky. It fell on the luminous object, which granted day for all to basked in it's glow, the sun. He felt no compulsion to close his eye lids slightly as the rays of the sun were not hitting his face.

    "Hah, the sun is ever so beautiful. Reminds of Auntie, she was always to warm and loving, like that of the ball of flame that gave us all days, past, present, and future to come. I hope she is doing well. I would go back to the guild, but right now, I would just like to enjoy the beauty of these majestic meadows. Of course, I am started to miss the average level of chaos of Fairy Tail as well, but they already know where I went. So, it is nothing to make concern of or worry about." He thought, reminiscing about his surrogate aunt and remembering the chaos he is used to in his guild. He had grown up in Fairy Tail, so it would make sense he is used to chaos as much as peace and tranquility. Preferring to sides of the same coin, similar to how and what he is. Malik was now ordinary human. He was a nephilim, a human being who is part-god and part-demon. They surpass demons and angels as well as equal to deities. This only serve to assure his chances of becoming a deity himself in the future. As a nephilim, he possesses immense power. This is due to the fact the his race were as powerful and any deity their own age and were of the same divinity. Still, many gods and goddess can still outclass nephilim in terms of sheer power. Besides, the boy hardly puts much faith in the fact of what he is, rather what was in his heart. What was in one's hearts is part of makes one a deity. There are many steps one has to take before transcending into a god or goddess, but for now, his only desire is to relax and enjoy this glorious day given to him and everyone else by the Lord. This place he was in was very secretive. Those with keen sight and great intuitive are capable of finding it with ease. He was actually hoping for some company.

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