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    Tales of Abraxas

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    Tales of Abraxas Empty Tales of Abraxas

    Post by Kosovo Misogi on Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:20 am

    Tales of Abraxas Ng4sVle

    Throughout history, there have been tales of people suddenly vanishing without a trace. Whole groups have before wandered out to sea or someone in a forest never to be heard of again. Some say they die or just found a new place to live. This maybe true some of the time, but for those few folks they didn't just disappear they were pulled to Abraxas. Our planet isn't alone in the phenomenon, others have been pulled from their own worlds, their own realms and brought to Abraxas.

    It started with only a few but over the years more and more beings appeared, some good some evil. Bloodshed filled the land but peace finally settled on Abraxas when powerful being took control and divided the lands into five countries. These countries bonded together and made their own governments and military, but there were those that wished for freedom from such things. They hide in the shadows and in the land unclaimed by any other nation. Some build secret organizations and orchestrate country conflicts, casting a shadow on every Citizen of Abraxas.

    Who ever you maybe or where ever you may come from, you've been called to Abraxas. You've been chosen, whether native or transplant, to become a part of history. What will you do? Will you lay waste to the inhabitants? Claim power and rule? Or will you be the Hero? Save those in need of saving? What will your Destiny be? Choose your path, native or new comer, rebel or loyal countryman, and become a Legend on Abraxas........

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    Are you tired of all those oppressive rules that other sites have? Is anime based RPs getting tiring? Well we invite you to come join Legends of Abraxas. The site is Semi-Free Forum with as minimal rules as we feel are needed to allow a fair RP experience for all. Do you want to RP a god? a demon? How about a fluffy bunny? Well on Legends of Abraxas you can make whatever kind of character as you like. Below are another list of other features that we have.

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